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Apostle Raymond J. Wiggins

B     i     o     g     r     a     p     h     y

Apostle Raymond J. Wiggins, II was born on February 11, 1954 to Mr. & Mrs. Raymond J. Wiggins, Sr. in the city of Suffolk, Virginia. He was exposed to the Pentecostal-style of the gospel, with the evidence of speaking of tongues, healing and deliverance. He was trained in the Word of God at Mount Joy Church of God in Christ. During these foundational years, Raymond was taught the principle of Holiness as the way of God for living.

In December 1973, Raymond married Connie Diane Jackson, who works alongside him in the ministry. She also travels with her husband ministering the Word of God. Their blended family includes Avron, Shawna her husband, Damian; and Raymond III, with five (5) grandchildren Armani, Ashlynn, Avron Jr., Tamaya and Tya all of whom are working with their father and mother in ministry.

Raymond J. Wiggins, is a graduate of John F. Kennedy High School, Suffolk, Virginia. In high school, he was actively engaged in academics, sports, and group debates. Thereafter, he furthered his education by attending the Charles Harrison Mason Theological Seminary, Gary Whetstone Worldwide Ministries School of Biblical Studies, Paul D. Camp Community College, Franklin and Suffolk Virginia, and Tidewater Community College, Portsmouth, Virginia majoring in Business Management; Honorary Degree in Christian Ministry, Interdenominational Ministries Baltimore, Maryland and other correspondence courses.

Apostle Raymond J. Wiggins, II, started this journey for our Lord and Savior at a very young age. His family was involved heavily with the work of the Lord and made him as active part of this ministry work. In October 1972 Raymond heard the voice of the Lord speaking directly to him and he knew this was the time for a reality check. He decided to make an honest effort for the Lord. Apostle Wiggins received God’s destiny for his life at New Mount Joy Church of God in Christ. There he worked in all aspects of the ministry such as: the youth brotherhood, a junior deacon, Sunday school teacher, choir director, YPWW president, youth minister, the Minister of Music. He served in the United States Army as an Administrative Specialist, leaving with a Honorable Discharge.

Apostle Wiggins has received the preparation and training necessary from the many experiences obtained in ministry working in the Church of God in Christ, Inc. His ministry has also afforded him to minister with many great gospel artists.

Freedom Temple Church of God in Christ was established in 1983 headed by Minister Raymond J. Wiggins. Later on that year, Bishop L. E. Willis, Sr., ordained him Elder of the church. God began to bless the ministry and added souls to this fellowship. After serving in the Third jurisdiction for five (5) years, the Spirit of God dealt with Elder Raymond Wiggins to make another move in the spiritual. In 1986, Freedom Temple Church under the leadership of Bishop Ted Thomas, Sr. At the end of the year 1991, God began to deal with Dr. Raymond J. Wiggins, II with an apostolic moving of the spirit. This moving of God calls for a fellowship of ministries to make a greater impact in the Kingdom. The Spirit of God having total control of the Body of Christ as God intented.

Dr. Raymond J. Wiggins, II founded True Way Fellowship Churches, Incorporated in 1992 with its name deriving from the true way of God in the operation of the Kingdom through the illuminating revelation of the church. As a result churches were brought together to fellowship, conferences developed to inspire and teach other ministers and ministries. Freedom Fellowship Outreach Center revolved as a means to ensure success in the functioning of church ministries. Dr. Raymond J. Wiggins has shown great leadership in administration, business, church finances, evangelism, church growth, discipleship, guidance and counseling. Sharing the information to keep pastors and leaders abreast of matter concerning the church world. True Way Fellowship Churches, Incorporated welcomed Overseer John and Pastor Joyce Wafula of Kenya, Africa and the Evangelica Valina Churches. Bishop Oried E. Graves, Sr. was appointed General Overseer of True Way Fellowship International. In May of 2006, Apostle Raymond J. Wiggins, II and a committee traveled to Kenya, Africa and visited the four(4) missions that was founded by Overseer and Pastor Wafula. These mission churches are as follows:

  • EVC #1
    Nairobi, Kenya
    Pastors Joyce Wafula & Gilbert Watema
  • EVC #2
    Katali, Kenya
    Pastor Patrick Shayo
  • EVC #3
    Kapasabet, Kenya
    Pastor Patrick Agoya
  • EVC #4
    Igoli, Kenya
    Pastor Samson Waithaka

During Apostle Wiggins’ 30 years of ministering, he has successfully accomplished many ministerial tasks such as:

  1. Establishing new ministries.
  2. Mentoring and fathering other ministers and pastors.
  3. Dedicating churches.
  4. Affirmation of Apostles.
  5. Consecration of Bishops.
  6. Ordaining Elders.
  7. Training church leaders for ministry.

Seeing the conditions of our world it is a mandate of God that his leaders become sensitive to the Move of God. Apostle Raymond J. Wiggins, II is one of the men that God is using in these days.

“To God Be the Glory” for the things He as done.

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