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  • What is TrueWay Fellowship?

    TrueWay is liberty to serve God in your own way. After experiencing other governing of Christ, there has been the sense of domination, intimidation, and manipulation – causing one to succumb to someone else’s expectations of you and your ministry. This was never the intention of God concerning his people. True Way is not a denomination but a MOVE OF GOD that brings unity back to the Body of Christ for the edification of the Kingdom.

    We strive to bring individual church bodies together collectively, networking each others’ resources, building the Foundation of Christ to enhance the Kingdom of God.

    What does Trueway have to offer?

    TrueWay Fellowship Churches Incorporated is equipped to provide services in two effective ways:

    1. Through Fellowship by Association:
    2. We offer an umbrella of protection which includes a complete package of information of church structure, the IRS’s Tax Exempt Protection, Workshops, Conferences, Retreat and Support through ongoing fellowship, and continuous flow of information – keeping our pastors abreast to everything concerning the church world of the future.

    3. Through Fellowship by affiliation:
    4. Network of Fellowship. Networking is a group of churches that are linked or interconnected as is by weaving. We understand there are pastors of churches who are connected to other organizations, which senses a desire to operate of a different platform from the greater result. True Way is that platform.

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